VEO Capital


We identify business models and design them to be cost-efficient, valuable, and long-term sales channels. The application of standardized processes builds the foundation for accelerated innovation development.


Our main objective is to keep things as simple as possible. Our teams have a strong hands-on approach and are encouraged to share ideas and solutions. As a result, our investment culture is often associated with startups.


Emerging synergies between our business units allow us to leverage strengths across our network, making our companies even more competitive and cost-efficient.


We develop the eHealth of tomorrow.

Our ehealth solutions include a wide range of services ranging from outsourcing to digital medical consultations in our own online clinics. By harnessing the synergies of our platforms and services, we can provide our clients with cost-efficient, innovative, and long-term-oriented solutions.

We love digital transformation.

We identify business models where digitalization can provide a better user experience. Our skilled teams quickly build platforms for these business models using highly standardized and optimized processes that will automatically result in high conversion rates and a great bottom line.