VEO Capital

We at VEO Capital define the perfect online environment as something that provides all users with exactly what they want and gives it to them exactly when they need it. With these words in mind, VEO has grown to offer products beyond marketplaces and digital media platforms, but the spirit of these words remains. With all our knowledge and experience from sales platforms to multichannel marketing campaigns our goal is to make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to find the products and services you need.

This means making websites more accessible and faster, so you get quick access to the right products. It means showing you when your friends like a product or a service, so that you know it might be valuable. It means making our platforms work intuitively, so that you can make purchase decisions without having to worry about unnecessary clutter. Above all, it means making our products work better so that people can spend time on the stuff they like to enjoy, for example time with family, pursuing hobbies or throwing a party. We’re not perfect yet, but we’re working on it.

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What we do for businesses

We provide a variety of online marketing services to help businesses of all kinds succeed on and off the web. These services form the backbone of our own businesses and platforms. Our service selection has enabled entrepreneurs, SMEs, publishers and large companies around the world to grow and succeed online. Our marketing campaigns, which range from simple text ads to multichannel marketing campaigns, help businesses find customers and to pass on their brand messages.

We also provide web-design services for businesses that generate revenue and help organizations be more efficient. In fact, we build products that we know will make users happy — and therefore your experience on the web better. With VEO Marketing, we want to provide services that make it simpler, better and faster for people to do what they want to online. We’re also committed to the open web, so we’re involved in various platforms to contribute to the online ecosystem and move the web forward. The Internet has evolved enormously since the first websites appeared on the scene, but we at VEO Capital are committed to support the best solutions for our users and clients in the endless possibilities of the Internet itself.

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